October 2017

Introducing Ultra-Premium


SAMURAI SMASH OCTOBER FEATURED COCKTAIL   We're excited to debut a new liquor available at Desaki Restaurant that helped made this month's drink a real "smash!" Introducing Ohishi Japanese Whisky! This whisky is aged in sherry barrels for a citrus, vanilla taste with notes of spice, sherry, and [...]

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Breakfast All Rolled Up


PANDA ROLL OCTOBER SUSHI SPECIAL They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but why stop there? If you love breakfast you're going to love this - tamago (egg), cream cheese, green onion, smoked salmon, and maple syrup reduction topped with bacon and sesame seeds! [...]

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Shaken, Not Stirred


CUCUMBER BASIL MARTINI SEPTEMBER FEATURED COCKTAIL The month of September marks the end of warm weather and the start to cool, crisp evenings. This Cucumber Basil Martini is the perfect pair with bold, rich flavors, or even on its own. The cooling effect of the muddled cucumber, crispness [...]

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Return of the Spicy Dragon


SPICY KIMODO ROLL SEPTEMBER SUSHI SPECIAL Eel lovers, rejoice! Those who have never tried eel, fear not! This roll is delicately crafted with bold flavors that everyone is sure to love. The combination of crab stick, cucumber, cream cheese, and teriyaki glazed eel, topped with spicy mayo, eel [...]

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August 2017

What’s A Lychee?


LYCHEE MARTINI AUGUST FEATURED COCKTAIL Understated, yet complex. Sophisticated, yet simple. We've been hearing a lot from our customers about how much they'd love for us to serve Lychee Martinis. Their wish was our command. We bring you the Lychee Martini as our Featured Cocktail for August. This [...]

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Pretty in Pink


PINK LADY ROLL AUGUST SUSHI SPECIAL Introducing our August Sushi Special: Pink Lady Roll. This rich, delicate bite of bright summer flavors pulls out all the stops. Its gentle appearance is backed with a bold punch of exciting flavors including shrimp tempura, avocado, and cream cheese gently wrapped [...]

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July 2017

July Featured Cocktail


FUZZY SUNRISE JULY FEATURED COCKTAIL This alcoholic beverage is the adult choice for cooling down this July. Our bartenders crafted a refreshing cocktail inspired by the classic fuzzy naval. Stolichnaya Orange Vodka Parrot Bay Passion Fruit Peach Schnapps Orange Juice   [...]

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July Sushi Special


TROPICAL TUNA TAPAS JULY SUSHI SPECIAL This month's Sushi Special of the Month is our Tropical Tuna Tapas. Each bite is better than the last - this light, refreshing salad boasts the flavors of summer with bright citrus notes from ripe mango, sweet red onion, a light kick [...]

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June 2017

June Featured Cocktail


FEATURED COCKTAIL ISLAND SUNSET COCKTAIL June's Featured Cocktail of the Month is our Island Sunset Cocktail. Our professional bar staff concocts this refreshing drink with: Malibu Coconut Rum Banana Liqueur Watermelon Schnapps Orange and pineapple juice Topped with a juicy pineapple wedge [...]

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June Sushi Special


LAND & SEARED NIGIRI COMBO JUNE SUSHI SPECIAL This nigiri platter made by our masterful, head sushi chef, AJ Cummings, features steamed, jumbo butterflied shrimp, a thin cut of tender filet mignon, fresh tuna and salmon, each topped with their own special sauces and gently caramelized to finish! [...]

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