August 2017

August Sushi Special


PINK LADY ROLL AUGUST SUSHI SPECIAL   Introducing our August Sushi Special: Pink Lady Roll. This rich, delicate bite of bright summer flavors pulls out all the stops. Its gentle appearance is backed with a bold punch of exciting flavors including shrimp tempura, avocado, and cream cheese gently [...]

July 2017

July Sushi Special


TROPICAL TUNA TAPAS JULY SUSHI SPECIAL   This month's Sushi Special of the Month is our Tropical Tuna Tapas. Each bite is better than the last - this light, refreshing salad boasts the flavors of summer with bright citrus notes from ripe mango, sweet red onion, a light [...]

June 2017

June Sushi Special


LAND & SEARED NIGIRI COMBO JUNE SUSHI SPECIAL This nigiri platter made by our masterful, head sushi chef, AJ Cummings, features steamed, jumbo butterflied shrimp, a thin cut of tender filet mignon, fresh tuna and salmon, each topped with their own special sauces and gently caramelized to finish! [...]